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Japanese MemberLogin Search MENU About Toyo University Faculties and Departments For International Students Columns Events Admission About Toyo University What is Toyo University? The Campuses The Road to the World begins at Toyo. Features of Toyo University Faculties and Departments Faculty of Letters Faculty of Economics Faculty of Business Administration Faculty of Law Faculty of Sociology Faculty of Global and Regional Studies Faculty of International Tourism Management Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design Faculty of Design for Welfare Society Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences Faculty of Science and Engineering Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts Faculty of Life Sciences Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences For International Students Center for Global Education and Exchange Academic Courses for International Students Academic Fees, Scholarships, and Tuition Exemption Support for International Students About Toyo University Faculties and Departments For International Students Column Events Admission Search search TOYO UNIVERSITY Since 1887 About Toyo University With a long tradition stretching back to 1887 and an extensive curriculum, Toyo University endeavors to develop “human resources” possessing the ability to succeed in today’s global society. READ MORE The Campuses With highly distinctive campuses, Toyo University gives students the opportunity to pursue their studies in a rich environment by harnessing unique and various aspects of learning. READ MORE Learning that reaches around the globe Toyo University has concluded academic agreements with 243 universities in 44 nations around the world. It is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), which is a global university network. Toyo University’s “world of learning” continues to grow. READ MORE Admission Read the Application Guide and visit the application website from the following link on this page to apply for the Entrance Examination offered to International Applicants from Overseas. READ MORE For International Students Partnered with institutions worldwide, we attracted over 1,200 international students from around the world. Toyo University is committed to offer the best learning environment for the students with multicultural backgrounds to realize their greatest potential. READ MORE Faculties and Departments As a comprehensive university with a broad range of faculties and departments in the humanities and sciences, Toyo University provides an environment for a diversity of study styles. READ MORE Events A foreign exchange student events. Let's experience Toyo University! READ MORE Center for Global Education and Exchange The Center for Global Education and Exchange offers consultation services as well as a wide range of information regarding partner universities and their affiliated language schools. Reports submitted by students who studied abroad in the past are also available for those interested in study abroad. These reports cover a wide range of topics including information on credit transfer, job hunting, and so on. The Center also provides assistance and advice for self-financed international students. READ MORE Financial Assistance Toyo University can offer variety of financial assistance programs for applicable students, including the one that grants the student 30% off from the tuition fee. READ MORE Support This section presents information on academic fees, scholarships, entrance exams, support systems, and other matters for international students desiring to study at Toyo University. READ MORE Learning Columns The Learning Columns present articles and videos that describe the activities of Toyo University students and departments. Hyperthermophiles and Extraterrestrial Life Hiroki Higashibata, Associate Professor (Department of Biological Resources / Faculty of Life Sciences) Main Research Themes: Applied Microbiology, Biochemical Analysis of Hyperthermophile-Derived Enzymes Language Management And Language Cost Misa Fujio, Professor (Department of Accounting and Finance / Faculty of Business Administration) Research Fields: Applied Linguistics (English Education), Intercultural Communication, International Business Communication Analyzing an Animated Film, &#8211; Introduction to Textual Interpretation &#8211; Ryosuke Yamamoto, Professor (Department of Japanese Literature and Culture / Faculty of Letters) Research Field: Modern Japanese Literature READ MORE PageTop Toyo University Admission section 5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606 FAQ Contact Japanese Access Sitemap Privacy Policy Toyo University Website Copyright © Toyo University. All Rights Reserved.

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